Death: Afterlife

The following is a true account of a semi-lucid dream I had about the afterlife:

It all started with a dream. The time was between 1 and 5am. I know because I had just gotten up to use the washroom, and looked at the clock.

Anyway, I was having some dream which featured family friends from the past, nothing too unusual. Then suddenly my dad ran into the scene as a younger man (probably in his 40s or 50s) with black hair.

My dad had passed away over 2 years ago at this point, so immediately I knew something was strange. I said “You shouldn’t be here!” And so did my sister, who was also in my current dream.

This is when the current dream dissolved and a new one emerged. My dad started running and said “Follow me”. The next thing I know, my sister and I are in a different place where there are all sorts of different people everywhere.

They were all chatting amongst each other with no sense of urgency, like that of my sister and I. My dad was gone by this point, but we slowly strolled by each person. They were deep in conversations, talking about different things and didn’t notice us.

Then my sister went over to someone she knew (I can’t remember who) while I continued to walk. The people were waiting for someone to appear. My sister and I were trying to tell people to leave because we felt something wrong about this place. They wouldn’t listen.

Then I saw our parish priest appear along with 2 other priests, but they were being invisibly detained by their wrists and mouths so they couldn’t tell anyone anything.

Then finally the main event. The person they were waiting for finally appeared — Ann Raynd. They kept chanting “Ann Raynd!” over and over but she looked like Ann Coulter. I was expecting Satan. At this point, I had figured out this place was purgatory, and that she was just a speaker here.

That’s when I wondered what Heaven was like, and if my dad was there. The next thing I know, I was transported to what I believe was the present. I was floating or something because everything was sliding by me at an increasing pace.

I don’t remember much of this part, just passing by waterfalls, lakes and greenery and thinking “Wow, Earth is beautiful.” I wanted to tell the people I flew past that there is an afterlife, but more importantly, I wanted to see Heaven.

Then, as if my wish was granted, the background changed again, and it felt like I was a smaller life form, like a dog or cat. There was a peaceful beach coastline along the left side of me, then beige tiles ahead with coloured pillows sporadically placed to the right. I assumed this must be Heaven for dogs and cats, and possibly other animals.

I was still floating by at a speed. Then finally I reached this huge open air stadium-like arena. There were different people here than before. Then I realized this was like an entrance/reception area.

I looked up at the clouds and the sky was a gorgeous blue and white. Then I saw people falling from the sky in slow motion. Some were half clothed and others naked. Now, I wanted to see God.

Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to. I woke up and had the choice of documenting all this before I forget, resuming the dream possibly at the same place or another, or just sleeping and not dreaming anything more. I chose to write.

I’ve never had such long, detailed and vivid dreams before. It gives me hope for the afterlife because it looked like there was a place for everyone and everything. Sure, I didn’t see Hell, but I didn’t feel like having a nightmare. Also, personally I don’t believe in Hell. I think the life we live is literally Hell on Earth.

It’s also a shame I didn’t get to see God, or at least what my mind represented for him. But I think that’s alright. I saw the beauty of his creation, and how life forms are sorted in other dimensions in the afterlife.

It’s just odd because usually dreams are based on people or past events that transpired during the day, before going to bed. Nothing really prompted this.

I wasn’t really planning on starting the new year talking about death, but I thought it would be important to share this dream I had with anyone questioning whether or not they’ll see their loved ones again.  I now fully believe we will.

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  1. AJ says:

    I love reading other people’s dreams and realising I’m not the only one who get vivid dreams! Death isn’t as sad as many believe it is and I’m glad that you now fully believe that you will see your loved ones again who have already passed on. It’s always nice to hear people who believe that we don’t just turn into dust once we live this universe.

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    1. yonkey2k10 says:

      Thanks for commenting, AJ!


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