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When we see something we like, what drives us towards it?  What causes that magnetic force which pushes two objects close to one another?  What is the true definition of “love”?  It all boils down to one thing: attraction. 

We all have our likes and dislikes, but this goes beyond that.  Desire is based on physical attraction.  It makes our eyes light up and our hearts skip a beat.  We long to be close so that we can touch and hold one another.

There’s a warmth that comes with holding things close to our hearts.  We do it with babies, pets, people and sometimes with completely inanimate objects!  Having something we can hold, in close proximity, is all that matters.

There’s probably some boring, drawn-out scientific explanation for why things attract, but I prefer to believe in the concept of love.  Love doesn’t require physical touch, but it definitely doesn’t hurt.  There’s a surge of energy we feel when we love someone or something.  That bond is hard to break.

Hatred, on the other hand, is like a repulsion where two objects are driven apart.  There is still an energy component there, as it takes a lot of effort to truly hate someone.  But the notion of pushing someone away is more about our instinct to survive than anything else.

When we’re close to something that can cause harm, naturally we feel a sense of danger.  We feel the need to protect ourselves, or to better align ourselves with someone or something that can defend us against this “enemy”.

Some of us are attracted to danger, which unfortunately, complicates things.  However, this attraction is more associated with lust or passion.  It’s not the harm they’re attracted to, but rather the adrenaline rush associated with it.  The thrill of the unknown overpowers the uncertainty of it all.

Attraction works in many different ways.  It’s not quite as binary as one would assume.  Love too, comes in many forms, as well as the energy associated with it.  Choosing to be with someone is not a decision to be taken lightly.  That choice should be based on what will ultimately make your heart grow.  Love and attraction tend to go hand-in-hand, and in the end that’s all that really matters.

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  1. I J Sharma,head RISE Campus Chandigarh, India
    9 Apr 2021

    You researched well and distributed in a coherent manner. I appreciate and acknowledge, dear

  2. 11 Apr 2021

    Ahhhh yes! Energy is the origin of love and hate… magnetism… all kinds of scientific and yet inexplicable chemistry.

  3. 12 Apr 2021

    This is true! Attracted to exciting things is common too!

    • 13 Apr 2021

      Thanks, snow leopard!

  4. 18 Apr 2021

    this is really sweet, love how you portray attraction!

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  6. 24 Apr 2021

    Literally it’s beautifully written.. I desired it to be more lengthy.. but the crux is 💯

    • 24 Apr 2021

      Thank you, Shivani! 😊

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