Neil: Destiny

Despite having free will, I’ve often wondered if we also each have a destiny.  By that, I mean do we have some kind of path that we’re following throughout life that’s predetermined?  Maybe not in the sense of every decision being known beforehand, but more like our life choices are centered around some kind of “constant”. 

For example, we’re hardwired to have certain instincts.  We try to survive, learn from our mistakes, provide for our family, etc.  But I believe that fulfilling our destiny by using our gifts and talents to succeed in life, is another important human instinct.

Life is a series of choices, and our morals help us make these decisions.  Therefore, our destiny consists of: how we’re raised, our knowledge and experience, and what we believe will be the best for our future.  Good or bad decisions don’t really exist, because they’re all subjective to the individual.

Does this mean our fate is sealed?  Hardly.  We can always use history as a guide.  When we start seeing familiar patterns, we can predict outcomes.  Depending on whether or not we like that outcome, we can change some “variables” around and get some other result entirely.

As for my own destiny, I’m guided primarily by two things: logic and emotion.  Logic gives me a path of true or false statements that I choose to follow, which lead towards some kind of result.  But emotion dictates whether or not I will like or dislike every choice I make along the way.  So, if I want to be happy in the future, I try to make choices that will ultimately lead to the goal of “happiness”. 

Of course, this doesn’t always happen.  Life can throw you a curveball, and you end up in a depressing state of misery.  This is where upbringing and experience come in.  You can use that knowledge to change and grow.  Eventually, in time, you’ll return again to your “happy path”.

Negative events in life are like tests.  They test your mind, heart and soul.  Sometimes these events are predictable and sometimes they aren’t.  Generally, they’re caused by forces outside of your control; so, try not to stress out over them.  Just remember to follow the happy path of your decision-making process, and everything will work itself out.

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