Caleb: Integrity

Before entering Heaven, your soul must undergo a “judgment” process (by God).  Unfortunately, I’m not permitted to disclose the details of this exact process to you.  Nor can I describe exactly what’s involved in sentencing.  However, I can prepare you for what to expect. 

All souls have something called “integrity”.  When you commit a sin or do something unethical, your soul’s integrity drops.  When you seek forgiveness for these actions, your soul’s integrity increases.  It’s that simple.

Integrity itself is comprised of 7 parts:

  1. Honesty: telling the truth, being open and not taking advantage of others
  1. Respect: exercising a broader sense of what’s going on, and giving the other party the benefit of the doubt
  1. Generating trust: demonstrate reliability and positive commitment (i.e. actions speaking louder than words)
  1. Pride: caring about an outcome, going to considerable effort, and knowing that you’ve made a valuable difference
  1. Responsibility: you are a steward, entrusted with looking after something; use care and foresight
  1. Keeping promises: holding yourself accountable for your own actions
  1. Helping others: responding promptly to requests (and/or locating the person that can really be of assistance); and being prepared to shift your schedule to accommodate others

If you live your life ensuring these 7 aspects are constantly being met, you will have no issues when it comes to your soul’s judgement.

Your soul is not judged on physical attributes.  That is, you are not judged on: race, colour, religion, sex (including sexual orientation, or gender identity), national origin, age, disability or genetic information.

Remember, it is not I nor anyone on Earth who can judge one’s soul.  That’s God’s responsibility; and his alone.  I do not envy the position he’s in, but it is his duty nonetheless, which comes with having all that power.

I hope this information proves to be valuable for you, and that you start making changes today to increase your soul’s integrity. 

Inspired by: Eve Ash, SmartCompany, “The magnificent seven aspects of integrity”, 2015.

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  1. Soka says:

    I really like how you explain things. These are words we here all the time but for me personally I found this simple explanation refreshing. Though they’re complex aspects of integrity it really comes down to your actions and intentions, which despite alot of things in the world, we have control over. (:


    1. yonkey says:

      Thanks for commenting! 😁


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