My name is Neil and I am a Guardian. I defend and uphold the truth. My sword is made of platinum steel and the handle is an ankh made of gold. The ankh represents life and the sword itself is the key. Speaking truth about my life experiences and knowledge is what got me to where I am today.

Lies tend to entangle people because they must always remember all the different facets of their story. The truth, however, will always set you free. It cuts through plastic facades and goes straight to the core. I’ve always believed that statements and facts, when combined with raw emotion, are a lethal combination.

I tend to operate on the basis of logic. That is, I see everything as true or false, black or white. Sure, there are times when my decisions aren’t always crystal clear. But I still try to separate the good from the bad; the facts from fiction.

Don’t get me wrong — sometimes one has to play Devil’s advocate to see things from a different perspective. I used to imagine that I was walking down the line between good and evil. I could easily venture off this path, but if I strolled too far in either direction, I’d become too immersed and ultimately fail, because I’d stop being able to see the truth.

Still though, in general I always try to follow the greater good. I’m an eternal optimist, and problem solver by trade, so you can view me as a protagonist. But, I know I’m not perfect and therefore my ego is pretty well grounded. While I could try to save the day, I’d rather just enjoy the moment.

Reality is boring without a little injection of fantasy. That’s how this whole blog started — inspiration struck and creativity followed. My writing then began to take shape. Some things are based on the events of the past, and others based on the thoughts of the present. As for the future? Who knows what’s in store, but I know that you play a huge part in it.

Let me know if you think I’m wrong or right about something I’ve written. I’m not afraid of criticism or flattered by praise. It would just be nice to know if something I wrote actually rang true to you. If not, please feel free to share your thoughts so I can learn and ultimately improve.

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