Death: End Credits

“See the stone set in your eyes
See the thorn twist in your side
I’ll wait for you
Sleight of hand and twist of fate
On a bed of nails, he makes me wait
And I wait without you
With or without you
With or without you”

Alex Goot & Jada Facer / U2 – With or Without You 

While I may be the Captain of this “starship”, I’m nothing without my Crew.  I’d like to thank:

– First and foremost, God, for being the DJ to the pseudorandom soundtrack of my life.

Eriq Chang – for randomly reconnecting with me, and for being so supportive and crucial on this whole spiritual adventure!  

Gabriel “The Nonbinary Sheep” Mancini – Season 1-4 Character Designs, for giving me your best even when I couldn’t afford to pay you on time!

Ferry Susanto – Season 1-4 Illustrations, for bringing the characters to life, making me fall in love every time I view them!

Stephen Sitton – Season 5 Character Designs, for evolving the characters in new and exciting ways!

Simon Zhong – Season 5 Illustrations, for beautifying the characters in ways I couldn’t even imagine!

WordPress, Twitter, Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, DeviantArt, Instagram and Spotify for providing me with the tools to craft this project.

All the artists/musicians/songwriters who inspire and speak directly to my soul.

Family, friends, fans & followers for being my support system through this entire 15-year spiritual journey.

Richard Dawkins.  15 years ago, I came to your website seeking answers under the alias “John Key”.  I got them, but was left unsatisfied and therefore heartbroken.  Thankfully, 4 years later, God intervened and gave me the answers I requested (and a whole lot more)!  I’d also like to thank you for choosing me to be a “Top Fan” on your Facebook page.  It was a platform for my voice that I’ll forever cherish. 

Writing Community for being creative, silent supporters.  I wish I had the time to read everyone’s books, blogs and WIPs!  I hope that my blog helped to inspire you.

Center For Inquiry forum for the atheists/freethinkers who helped me research, brainstorm & plot out Season 5!  You might not accept “God” in your lives, but you accepted me into your community, and I’m sure that your compassion & camaraderie shown towards me will be worth something someday.

Teachers, professors, employers, and coworkers for crystalizing my knowledge and experience over time.  Education and experience are the true keys to success.

– Lastly: every human, animal, plant, and organism I’ve encountered throughout my life.  You contributed to my life experience and made me the person I am today.  Thank you!

I’ll end with this thought: Who would you put in the closing credits of your life?  What song(s) would you play? Who would you thank, and most importantly, what’s stopping you from thanking these people today?  Do it, and remember to live your life with no regrets.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Thumbs up to this piece…


    1. yonkey says:

      Thanks, Troy!


  2. Vanessa says:

    This is a beautiful homage. I’m happy you feel grateful for all these wonderful human beings.


    1. yonkey says:

      Thanks, Vanessa! 😁


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